Tue 29 Aug 2023 Freddie Hill

The Beauty Of Malta Part II: Historic Sites

The second edition of Defected Malta, taking place 6-8 October, promises to bring together an impressive blend of talent from across the dance music spectrum for a picturesque Island takeover, hosted against a backdrop of cultural sites and military fortresses.

Each week, we feature various attractions that make Malta the ultimate holiday destination. Spotlighting beautiful beaches, historical marvels, top eateries and more - you may consider extending your stay after the festival after reading what the island has to offer!

While Malta is the perfect destination for party-minded individuals, the intermittent days of relaxation the island can be spent learning about its rich history, with a plethora of cultural sites to dive into. These are just some of the many historic sites worth visiting during or after your stay at our weekend festival.

1) Mnajdra Temples

Described as ‘magical’ and possessing a mystic energy by all those that make the journey, the Island’s Mnajdra Temples (located on the main island in the remote, southwest town of Qrendi) are a visual feast. The seven megalithic temples dotted around the islands of Malta and Gozo are official UNESCO World Heritage sites, as is the city of Valetta.

Their majestic presence and history, that is believed to date back to over 5000 years, makes the attraction as captivating as it is educational. Architecture aside, the temples’ stunning views, particularly at sunrise, are an experience not to be missed.

2) D'Amato Records

D'Amato Records in Valletta, Malta, is considered by some to be the oldest record shop in the world. Established in 1885 by Giovanni D'Amato, the shop has remained a family run business, now in the hands of Giovanni's great great grandson, Anthony D'Amato, and his two cousins.

Impressively, this shop has remained open for almost all of its entirety. It was one of the only shops to survive severe bombing on the island of Malta during World War II. It was also one of the few shops allowed to remain open to boost local moral. The shop was forced to close its doors for the first time in 138 years during the pandemic in 2020.

D’Amato’s involvement in recording and fostering the indigenous musical scene over time has been celebrated, as well as its service-oriented (rather than business-focussed) approach to music sales; the shop has a certain lived-in and homely quality that makes it a very attractive destination for visitors and residents alike.

3) Fort St Elmo

Also situated in Valleta, a visit to Fort St Elmo is a surefire way to gain insight into Malta’s rich history. Built in just four months, the magnificent fort is home to a wide variety of artefacts and military paraphernalia to dissect at your pleasure.

Adjoining the fort is the Military War Museum where one can learn about the impact of World War II on the Maltese people, and see the George Cross on display. There are other forts to check out on the island, but St Elmo is regarded as the ‘best on the island by far’.

Without giving too much away, this site is for sure the best place to learn about the relatively recent history of Malta.

4) Ggantija Temples

Over on the northern island of Gozo, the Ggantija Temples are the oldest free standing monuments in the world; they prove that the island was inhabited in the Bronze Age, and a millennium before the Pyramids of Giza were built!

Their unique structure and gigantic megaliths, the temples have attracted visitors from all over the globe, providing information and stunning views all year round.

Whether you are the more adventurous type, or simply looking to get away from the chaos, you can enjoy all that Malta has to offer during your time at our weekend festival.

The previous entry in our series - 'Part I: Aquatic Destinations' is available to read now.

Stay tuned for the next edition of this series where we recommend some of the world class food and drink the island has to offer at Malta’s Top Eateries.

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