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Staff Share Highlights from Defected Malta 2023

The third edition of Defected Malta returns this October, promising another wave of the very best house music, DJs and performers from around the world, all set against a backdrop of crystal clear waters and sandy beaches.

Sign ups are now open for the next wave of tickets... what could you experience at our European weekend festival?

NICK MIZZI – Head of Events Promo

"For me, Malta was always a special place because I'm actually from there. It was one of the first things I worked on when I joined Defected Records about three years ago now. Seeing it come to reality for me is kind of giving back to the country that I'm from. Just seeing it all come together in the place that I grew up, the place where I threw much smaller events, and seeing so many international people having fun, that's really special for me."

[Dennis Ferrer performs at Fort St. Elmo on Day 2]

"One of the best moments of this festival was during Dennis Ferrer’s set at the Castle rave, which is actually like a really old fort. The whole crowd went crazy over it, obviously. So, it was really cool to see. I hope to see you all in Malta 2024 between the 4th and the 6th of October." - Mizzi

JOSH - Digital Marketing Executive

"For a three-day festival, Defected Malta has many memories and attachments collected to it. That festival changed my life, as it introduced me to Afro house. Whether it be on the first day at Roots when I discovered the Stay True Sounds on the Mahaba Music stage, watching DJs like Atmos Blaq absolutely killing it, or on the second day when I finally got to see Adam Port - a DJ that I've been a fan of for many years now.

It's safe to say that the festival opened my eyes to a genre of music which I'm now completely obsessed with."

[Adam Port at the Treehaus stage for the Detroit Showcase]

"I'm truly so excited to be back at Defected Malta 2024 once again, it truly is a festival like none other, and really you have to experience the magic for yourself. See you soon, this October." - Josh

KANEM – PR Manager

"2023 was my first year at Defected Malta. We were at the Mahaba Music X Stay True Sounds stage. It was a lot of Afro house, Afro tech, deep house. The artist Atmos Blaq was on the line up. He played his hit song ‘Kwa Mama’, which came out in 2023. My friend she heard it at another festival. She said ‘Kanem, you don't understand, this has been my favorite song all summer. I love it, I'm obsessed with it.

When Atmos finished his set. I said 'you need to tell him how much you love him and how much you love that song, what it means to you...'"

[Atmos Blaq and Kitty Amor at the Roots stage for the Stay True Sounds X Mahaba Music Showcase]

"She did, and she got really emotional, and they had the longest hug ever. It was just so wholesome and such a beautiful moment. It really just reminded me that moments like that are exactly why we do what we do. Why we work in music, why we champion artists and DJ’s and it was very beautiful and wholesome, I loved it.

I look forward to making more memories just like that and having more highlights in Defected Malta. So I will see you on the dancefloor." - Kanem

SHAMUS DAMANI – Director of Business Affairs

"Malta was fantastic. There's very few things you can do to match going to Malta in October. It's dull in London. It's boiling in Malta.

My standout was probably… It's got to be Café Del Mar. I haven't been to a place like it, it was fantastic. Great DJ’s, great line-up, great programming for the whole day. The beauty of the place, with the panoramic views, a beautiful sunset, particularly Sam Divine playing a Bicep ‘Glue’ remix, and as soon as the sun went down, fireworks are up, banging."

[Fireworks at Café Del Mar close out Defected Malta 2023]

"Everybody's looking up. Lights in the faces. Yeah, it was a beautiful moment. Everyone unified in the dance. I look forward to seeing you all in Malta ‘24." - Shamus

Sign-ups for Defected Malta are now open, giving you first access to the next wave of tickets and our line-up early.

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